This Deserted Museum Is Home To Over 200 Incredible Classic Car Barn Finds


From several classic Ford Mustangs to Rolls-Royces, these neglected examples are left to gather dust in an undisclosed location.

Barn finds are some of the most spectacular automobiles, and every now and then, a group of them appears that simply takes our breath away. Has discovered an abandoned automobile museum with over 200 historic cars hidden inside, all of which have been left to rust in this erstwhile museum. The museum houses an astonishing collection of machines, all of which are begging to be saved.

The Old Museum Is Filled Up With Classic Cars

The video starts with no background music or commentary and continues that way, with the eerie silence of the museum doing enough to convey the atmosphere of the video. Some incredible classic cars are on display, such as a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR, a model that was at the time the most powerful Mustang ever in the late 1960s. The Mustang appears to be in good condition apart from the dust and dirt covering it. This is a theme with many of the vehicles that are sat abandoned in the collection.

The Collection In This Museum Is Vast

As the video goes on, we see just how extensive this collection of vehicles is. There are muscle cars ranging from the classic Chevrolet Camaro Z28 to various Mustangs, and there are luxury vehicles like classic Rolls-Royce’ and some old Cadillacs. The fact there are multiple Rolls-Royce in the collection tells us just how extensive it is, and there are plenty of examples of Mustangs, both regular Ford models and Shelby versions as well. The museum site looks more like an abandoned warehouse than a former exhibition area.


How Did These Cars End Up Abandoned?

Unfortunately, the footage does not reveal the location of the cars or what happened to them. The story of how they were abandoned is indeed fascinating, but it is more likely that this erstwhile museum simply did not receive the attention it required and hence went down.

Or it might be a private collection acquired by someone with possibly too many cars for them to handle. The fact that all of these machines are hidden and protected from the elements is a saving grace. This should make any future restorations of these vehicles easier.