Mysterious 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 Six Pack In A Carport Requires Urgent Assistance


A 1970 Dodge Charger R/T is a highly sought automobile in both project and show condition. Depending on your luck, you may come across really rare configurations worth a small amount.

As an example, consider the Charger R/T. The automobile was built with a 440 Six Pack V8 engine, and the manufacturing figures imply that there won’t be many Chargers with the same engine under the hood.

Dodge produced over 9,500 Charger R/T units for this model year, and while the rarest was the Hemi-powered example with 112 examples, the Six Pack version wasn’t very common either. Only 684 units left the factory with a Six Pack engine, and 346 used a manual transmission.

While all these numbers suggest this Charger R/T is incredibly rare (especially considering that it’s unclear how many of these 346 Chargers are still around), we know almost nothing about the car. The images posted on eBay by seller sanfre-45 indicate it’s been sitting in a carport for a long time, so you should probably expect the typical rust suspects and metal problems.

The flooring and trunk could be ruined, and surface rust is already seeping into the body. To establish the state of the automobile, the buyer must place it on a lift and meticulously inspect every inch of metal, as there is a significant difference between a rust bucket and a viable job. The seats appear to be in fair condition, and the dashboard does not appear to be cut.


The shared photographs aren’t any better. I can’t tell whether any components are missing because the interior photo is grainy, but the Charger appears to be whole. The paint is most likely original, but without more information, it’s difficult to say for sure.

The engine under the hood is as enigmatic as the rest of the vehicle. It’s tough to say whether the Six Pack is still available, although the selling price suggests it is. The owner will not sell the car unless someone pays $33,000, and a Charger R/T won’t sell for that price without a rare engine under the hood.

The Six Pack was added to the Charger lineup in 1970 and was the second most powerful option for R/T purchasers. The Hemi was the cherry on top, but the Six Pack produced 390 horsepower for an exhilarating ride almost anyplace.

It’s impossible to tell if the car starts and drives, or at least if it rolls freely to get on a trailer, but you can see it in person in Harwinton, Connecticut. Everything points to a rare collectible whose place is in a collector’s garage, so fingers crossed for this Six Pack to get back to the road sooner rather than later.