This 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Looks Like a Barn Find With Many Stories To Tell


For most Chevelle fans, 1969 is the year when Chevrolet finally decided to undo a change that it had fully embraced only three years before. The SS 396 was no longer a standalone model, as it became a part of the Chevelle lineup for the second time.

This new strategy made perfect sense in many ways, as the GM brand wanted to make more money with the Super Sport.

It was also the reason why the SS could be ordered with any two-door Chevelle, so for only $347, customers could get the sporty package that so many people were drooling over.

The 1969 Chevelle SS 396 that I recently came across on eBay is as mysterious as it gets, though it looks like a solid restoration candidate.

Let’s start with the things we do.

Listed for auction online, the car is likely mostly complete, with no big parts seemingly missing. The engine is still there, but we know nothing about it. Chances are it has already received a series of fixes, so maybe the V8 is still starting and running. This is something that any potential buyer should double-check before committing to a purchase, though.

It’s hard to tell if this is the original powerplant or not, but given the car has most likely spent a very long time inside, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s the factory V8.

The barn-find dust on the body suggests the car hasn’t moved in a very long time. This can mean one of two things: the vehicle has either been abandoned in someone’s garage or was a project that was eventually supposed to get a full refresh.


The long tenure in hiding typically produces unavoidable rust, and this Chevelle makes no exception. Truth be told, the car is far from becoming a rust bucket, but some fixes would be required anyway. We’re not getting a close look at the floors and the trunk, so make sure you inspect them closely when checking out the car in person.

The SS tags are still there, and given the Chevelle is mostly complete, bringing the vehicle back to the road should be doable. On the other hand, the seller hasn’t provided any specifics, making this old Chevelle as mysterious and intriguing as possible.

The selling price seems to suggest we’re dealing with an original and complete survivor, but additional clarification is still required. The bidding starts at $25,000, which is quite an optimistic expectation if the Chevelle isn’t an unmolested classic. The good news is that eBay seller alexstephens11 hasn’t enabled a reserve for their auction, so once someone out there submits their bid, the Chevelle certainly gets a second chance for a full restoration.