This 1959 Chevy Impala Is the Full Package: All-Original, Barn Find, Everything Works


Born in 1958, Chevrolet’s Impala rapidly became an iconic model, not only for the GM brand but for the entire automotive industry as well.

Impala evolved from “just a Bel Air version” to a standalone series in just a year. It needed only six more years to become a record-setting model. In 1965, Impala was crowned the first car in the United States after WWII to sell more than one million units in a single year.

As such, it’s not a surprise Impala is currently a collector’s dream. And whenever the found Impala comes with everything original, the excitement (as well as the price) goes through the roof.

The 1959 hardtop I recently discovered on Craigslist looks like a rare survivor.

The car has been sitting since 1981, according to the owner. And while I’ve seen many other cars sitting for decades, the most impressive part of this Impala is its current condition. The metal isn’t perfect, but you can’t even expect it to be given a long tenure in hiding.

However, the rust isn’t at all a problem, and most of the body is still covered in factory paint. Sure enough, a full respray will be required unless you want to retain the retro patina that highlights the difficult times this Impala has been struggling with.

The rust-free survivor comes with everything in working condition. It may sound like a shock, but this Impala is ready for the road despite sitting in a barn for over 40 years. Even the AM radio seems to work, and man, we all know this is something you don’t see too often.


The odo indicates just 80,000 miles (128,000 km), and the owner says they are fully documented.

Without a doubt, a Chevy Impala like this one can’t be cheap. And it really isn’t. The car can be yours for $45,000, which makes perfect sense given a fully restored example can cost around $100,000.

The good news is that the seller claims they also have other 1958 and 1959 Impalas in their garage, so for the right price, you can buy a combo that helps you almost recently restore at least one model. For example, they also have a white 1958 Impala at $29,000, as well as a green 1958 convertible that costs $55,000. I assume the green model comes in a much better condition and with everything still original and working, given the price tag, but if you’re interested in this museum-worthy lineup, just reach out to the seller.

All vehicles are parked in Camarillo, California, and without a doubt, they’re all stored inside to retain the glorious condition. While they still work, make sure you take care of towing as well.