1969 Cadillac Sedan Deville Is An Ugly Fossil With Some Skeletons In Its Closet

Finding a derelict Cadillac from the late sixties sitting in a junkyard waiting for the crusher and asking for mercy is more common than classics fans would like, but it’s entirely GMs fault. In 1969, the production of the most luxurious brand of the biggest carmaker in the world went beyond 200,000 units. Almost three-quarters … Read more

It’S Hard To Match Ocd-Level Crispness On This ’66 Chevy Nova Ss, Fitments Are Flawless

Many auto enthusiasts agree that a vehicle’s greatness can be measured by how thrilling it feels behind the wheel. But I tend to disagree. A car’s greatness is best measured not only by how raucous it grips the tarmac but by the quality and design of the build. That said, love, at first sight might … Read more

1961 Chevrolet Corvette Pumps Out 650 Hp From Lt4 Hidden Under Orion Silver Body

The Chevrolet Corvette is a car that needs no introduction. America’s favorite (and presently) only sports car impresses in the most current incarnation, but the nameplate is so powerful that even past iterations can steal the headlines on a constant basis.If you’re on the lookout for impressive Corvettes in various guises, then auctions are the … Read more

Here’S The Road To Your Next Barn-Find, And The Start Your Next Restoration Project

While some car relics can be revived, others might not be worthy, but they could be donors and save other vehicles, true treasures – and we would love to see more success stories about saved vehicles. Over the years, the term “barn-find” evolved from vehicles found in sheds and, well, barns, to pretty much any … Read more

1970 Dodge Charger Parked For 15 Years Has A Rare Surprise Under The Hood

Introduced in 1966 as a somewhat luxurious fastback, the Dodge Charger morphed into a full-blown muscle car in 1968. The second second-generation model remained in production for three years, and it’s now the most desirable iteration of the Charger.While largely similar, all three model years came with unique design features. The 1968 Charger featured a … Read more

The Last Ride Pontiac: The Original Resurrected ’69 Judge That Advertised The 2004 Gto

This Pontiac is one of the rarest Judges from early 1969 and comes with a Hollywoodian life story. Found in decrepit condition, rescued and brought back to life and superstardom. This particular GTO was bought by its current owner in 1998 – the video shows photos of the car from back then. It was not … Read more

1957 Chevrolet Corvette With Mysterious V8 Claims “Fuelie” Heritage, Needs A Lifeline

Introduced in 1953 as GM’s venture into the emerging sports car market, the Chevrolet Corvette almost got canned after only a couple of years due to an anemic inline-six mated to a two-speed automatic and build quality issues. Thankfully, Zora-Arkus Duntov’s push for an optional V8 and a three-speed manual, both launched in 1955, gave … Read more

This 1956 One-Off Boano Is The Best Chrysler 300 Letter Series America Never Got

One of the most influential Italians in modern history was the former head of FIAT, Gianni Agnelli, the man who, among other things, ultimately saved Ferrari from a probable extinction in the late 60s. As anyone might imagine, the Italian magnate was a proper gearhead – one of corporate scale –and his exquisite taste for … Read more

This 1967 Pontiac Firebird Is Complete But Rough, Wrecked But Fascinating

If you’re in the market searching for a Firebird but don’t want to spend a fortune on a tip-top shape, here’s what you can very well consider plan B. What if instead of buying a perfect-10 example, you actually go for a project car and then restore it on your own? Sure enough, this isn’t … Read more

This 1967 Pontiac Firebird Is Complete But Rough, Wrecked But Fascinating

Whenever I hear the word “suburban,” I instantly think about the Chevrolet hauler. And I bet you do, too, for one simple reason. The Chevy Suburban came to be in 1934 and is still in production almost 90 years later (as of 2023). In short, it’s not only a legendary forerunner to the modern SUV, … Read more