Someone Found This 1970 Chevelle Convertible In A Barn, Fathom Blue Parked For 4 Decades


If you wanted a Chevelle in 1970, you had to choose from multiple body styles, including sport coupe, four-door sedan, and convertible.
The convertible was the rarest and the most expensive, and while many are still around today, few tick the boxes for a collectible.

Someone on eBay says their 1970 Chevelle collectible is a great Super Sport clone candidate or a base for a complete restoration if you have a period-correct engine.

The car was found in a barn, but eBay seller isoldmyz69 doesn’t share more information as to where it was parked. The storage conditions would make a huge difference, as cars sitting for nearly four decades could easily become rust buckets if stored in a place without a concrete floor.

As anyone can figure out, the car no longer has an engine, and that’s quite a shame. The owner says this Chevelle rolled off the assembly plant with a V8 unit under the hood, but the engine is already gone.

The 1970 Chevelle lineup was offered with a straight-six unit as the base configuration. It developed only 155 horsepower and was a good (and more affordable) way of driving a Chevelle without spending extra and getting more horsepower under the hood. If you wanted a V8 engine, the 307ci unit was a good choice. It produced 200 horsepower. Chevrolet’s SS 396 was available with a 402 producing 350 or 375 horsepower, while the SS 454 could be had with the LS5 with 360 horsepower or the almighty LS6 with 450 horsepower.


An LS6 would, of course, be a great choice for this Chevelle convertible, especially if you don’t mind a restomod with a massive engine upgrade.

The Fathom Blue paint on the body is allegedly the original finish, but considering the car has been parked since 1985, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across the typical rust problems. The owner posted great shots with the undersides and the trunk, and everybody should check them before committing to a purchase.

As you can imagine, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle convertible in such a good shape can’t sell cheaply, and this example doesn’t. The owner expects to get $28,500 for this Chevelle barn find, and the price is firm, as no other offers are accepted. eBay’s statistics indicate that 16 people are already watching the listing, but it’s unclear if anybody is involved in potential talks for a purchase.

The car is parked in New Egypt, New Jersey, and considering that the engine is no longer in the car, you’ll need transportation to take it home. The listing will expire in 29 days, so you have enough time to contact the seller and discuss all the details (and also arrange an in-person inspection).