Everybody Wants This 1967 Pontiac GTO Tri-Power Flaunting Chevelle Upgrades


Pontiac released a major redesign for several models in its lineup, and the GTO got substantial upgrades under the hood, but despite all these changes, the 1967 model year still brought the company’s first drop in sales since 1959.
It wasn’t the market performance that Pontiac expected, but the GTO still performed reasonably, with close to 82,000 units finding a new home this year.

The big change on the GTO was the engine, which was stroked to 400ci to power the lineup with a lineup of four versions.

The base unit was the two-barrel configuration that produced “only” 255 horsepower. It was only available with an automatic transmission, also upgraded from a two-speed Powerglide to a three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic.

The next in the queue was the four-barrel unit with 335 horsepower, while the top offering was the HO configurations (there were two of them) with 360 horsepower.

The GTO in these pics uses a Tri-Power configuration, but as you can easily determine with a quick look at the photos, the car has already received a major overhaul in all key areas, including the engine. The v8 is paired with a Tremec TKO 600 five-speed manual transmission, and one of the most notable upgrades is a limited-slip differential borrowed from a Chevelle.

With 3,400 miles on the clock, the GTO is finished in Tyrol Blue and flexes a Hurst shifter, aftermarket cruise control, air conditioning, and Dakota Digital gauges. The wood-rimmed steering wheel is a great touch on a custom GTO and is probably the first thing you see when you step inside.


The cabin has also been refreshed with blue vinyl upholstery with a replacement headliner, carpets, and door panels, and the restoration included woodgrain trim on the dashboard and the entire length of the center console.

The GTO looks great, and I think it looks even better in real-life – this is why buyers should arrange an in-person or a third-party inspection to determine the quality of the restoration before committing to a purchase. I don’t expect this GTO to sell cheaply, and considering the high price, getting to know the car as thoroughly as possible before making an offer is essential.

Since we’re already talking about money, this GTO has generated a fierce battle on eBay, where seller roberjone_530 posted the car without a reserve. This means that the highest bidder will win this GTO when the auction ends in five days.

The top offer is $26,100, with over 40 bids received in less than 24 hours online. The car is parked in Westlake, Louisiana, and despite being able to drive anywhere on its wheels, considering its shape, you should take it on a trailer to preserve its condition for local car shows where it could become a head-turning machine.