50 Years And Counting: 1961 Impala Still Waiting For Restoration, Repainted 5 Decades Ago


As a huge 1961 Impala fan, I don’t even know where to start to tell you how awesome this new Chevy model was, is, and will continue to be for many more years.
The 1961 Impala was a glorious release that was already Chevrolet’s best-selling model and the most successful nameplate in the United States. The GM brand sold over 1.2 million cars, and the Impala accounted for more than 491K units.

However, the 1961 model year witnessed several notable releases.

First, Chevrolet launched the Super Sport. Available for only $53.80, the Impala SS was a dealer-installed package that made its way to 456 cars. Finding an original, complete, and unaltered 1961 Impala SS is an impossible mission today, and collectors are willing to pay big bucks to own one.

Second, the 1961 model year witnessed the debut of the bubbletop. Available exclusively on the two-door hardtop, the bubbletop roof was an immediate hit.

The same roof style can be seen on this Impala, which has been sitting in a garage waiting for a full overhaul for approximately 50 years. eBay seller bmf7697 says the car was repainted about five decades ago, but the project “was never completed.” It’s now someone else’s job to finish the restoration, with the owner explaining that they also have “a lot of NOS available.” It’s unclear if all these parts are enough to complete the overhaul, but you should inspect the car in person before committing to a purchase.


The car looks good, and the photos shared on eBay suggest the rust won’t be an issue. The trunk looks clean, and I don’t expect the undersides to exhibit major damage. Fixing this Impala looks easy, and once you find all the missing parts, putting them back together should be a great way to save a bubbletop.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear what happens under the hood. It’s impossible to tell if an engine is still in the car and whether it’s in working shape, but an in-person or third-party inspection should help you get a clearer picture of everything this Impala needs to return to the road.

A 1961 Impala bubbletop isn’t the most affordable car, and the eBay seller is fully aware of this. They expect to get at least $25,000 for the vehicle, which is fairly ambitious, considering the lack of information, especially in the engine department. The listing will expire in four days, and considering nobody has entered the digital race so far, the car might need a second chance to find a new home

The vehicle is parked in Bloomer, Wisconsin, and considering its shape, you will need transportation to take it home. The auction comes without a reserve, so a single bid is all it takes for this Impala to leave for a new garage.