Unrestored 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air Sitting for Years Has the Full Package, Low Miles


Chevrolet presented the 1960 model year full-size series in October 1959, including the new Impala and the restyled Bel Air.

Both models featured dramatic styling changes despite the new model year representing the second and final year of the generation. Despite the Impala gaining king status and the Bel Air becoming a second-class citizen of Chevy’s full-size lineup, the two models continued to share most styling and mechanical parts.

However, it was obvious to everybody that the Impala was Chevy’s big long-term bet. The car already accounted for nearly half a million units of the total full-size sales in 1960, with the Bel Air coming into second place with less than 400,000 units.

From an engine perspective, the Bel Air continued to bet big on popular engine choices. The base choice was the 235.5 straight-six developing 135 horsepower. While most people believe a six-cylinder doesn’t make sense in a full-size Chevrolet, the 235 ended up becoming incredibly popular in 1960, with statistics showing that it was installed on nearly 30 percent of all models sold by the GM brand this year.

The V8 engines included the 283 and the 348, with the latter going all the way up to 335 horsepower when equipped with a triple carburetor setup as part of the Super Turbo Thrust Special.

The 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air posted on Craigslist a few days ago looks like an abandoned project, but what you’ll discover at a closer inspection is much more impressive. The vehicle is actually a total gem, having been sitting for many years and coming with just 33K miles on the clock. As a two-owner Bel Air, this Bel Air waved goodbye to the man who bought it from the Chevrolet dealership in 1986.


It has always been properly cared for, so it has no rust problems. It’s a New Mexico Bel Air, so the Cascade Green and the Ermine White top only faced the typical sun fading throughout these years.

The engine under the hood could make some potential buyers walk away. It’s the said six-cylinder engine, often described as a lazy mill, though it makes an excellent choice for someone interested in fuel economy.

The vehicle comes with the original spare tire in the trunk. It’ll need a new set of tires, a new upholstery, and a fresh coat of paint and other critical repairs. It’s unclear if the engine starts and runs, but I expect good news under the hood, especially considering the low mileage and the vehicle’s general shape.

The vehicle can be yours if you pay $8,500. You can see it in person in Silver City, New Mexico, and I believe bringing a trailer is a good idea, considering the car is unlikely to be road-worthy.