Chevy V8 Drag Race: Ls-Swapped Audi S4 Vs. 1,040-Hp Camaro Ss


German engineering vs. American muscle. Which one will come out on top?

The latest episode of This vs That, the popular drag racing format that puts two highly customized vehicles against each other on a drag strip, has been released by Hoonigan. Marnell Balmeo returns this week with his quad-turbocharged ’01 Audi S4. You may recall seeing this automobile in another recent video, where it competed against a heavily modified Ford F-150.

When you open the hood of the German sedan, you’ll discover a 6.0-liter LS V8 with four turbochargers. That unusual bumper houses the huge engine, which is believed to produce 900 horsepower. A six-speed manual transmission sends power to all four wheels. That’s a lot of power, but the competition is just as remarkable.

The 2016 Camaro SS it’s going up against is packing a lot of muscle. The owner, Kyle, swapped out the stock motor for a 6.2-liter LT V8 but has since increased displacement, among other things.

He also tossed in a supercharger and an engine tune for a total of 1,040 hp, but because this is supercharged, peak power is only available at the top of the rpm range. The Camaro is equipped with 325/50 Mickey Thompson rear tires and 15×10 beadlock wheels to keep it on the road. “I need as much sidewall as [possible],” the owner explained. Surprisingly, the differential and axle have been left stock.

So, will the Audi or the Chevy take first place? The majority of the Hoonigan crew believes the Audi will win, thanks in part to the all-wheel drive system. Both vehicles take off in a blaze of V8 ferocity, scurrying off the line with hypercar-like haste. In the first 1,000 feet, the S4 immediately pulls ahead, leaving the Camaro struggling for traction. Finally, it is the Audi that takes the top rank. However, the Chevrolet still has a chance to redeem itself.


The second race begins with a rolling start, which should assist the Camaro. This time, the LT-powered Chevy can match the other Audis – for roughly a second. The S4 takes off at breakneck speed, crossing the finish line around four car lengths ahead of the Camaro.

The Audi already has it in the bag at this point. However, this does not prevent the team from organizing a last “bonus round” race. The Camaro starts two cars ahead of the Audi this time, and it also gets to depart the line earlier. Despite this large advantage, Balmeo’s S4 swoops by the Chevy as if it were stationary and wins the last race.

Even though the Audi won by a country mile, the Camaro is still an impressive build that deserves respect. And for the Chevy fans who are disappointed by the results, remember, the Audi won thanks to LS power.