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This Classic Car Hoarder Doesn’T Want To Sell These Gems Sitting In A Field


Today it’s another game of spot-the-classic, this edition courtesy of Heart Of Texas Barn Finds And Classics, on location at a field full of iconic classic cars in varying states of repair. Some items are heavily-used cars, others are sought-after machines with loads of potential if restored, repaired, resto-modded and flipped on the used market.

In among the usual suspects are a few surprises along the way, in this video which features the great American outdoors, classic American cars and feel-good American tunes; the team investigate, make deals and move trucks.

Classic Cars For Sale: Bring A Trailer Or Two

Not all the cars are for sale and there are a few which are the ‘babies’, favorites the owner will hang on to – ongoing classic projects, perhaps. At the start we can see the team starting up and checking out a C3 Corvette in the dark, commenting on what work needs carrying out.

Next, inside a garage there’s a C2 Corvette Sting Ray and other vehicles before the camera heads out into the American sunshine to a field where a lawnmower does its thing. They’re just getting started, and in a few moments the classic cars start appearing. A first-generation Ford Mustang convertible (possibly a 1965 model) sits in a barn with no engine and a stripped-out interior – it’s not for sale, yet.

As the camera ventures into a compound full of cars we can see a Ford F-350 picking up a classic Chevy tow truck on a trailer – it’s an International Loadstar 1600. That won’t be the only classic pickup truck, there are more, one of which is a Chevy C10 with no rear axel and another longer truck chassis with no driveshaft; both get loaded up and taken away.


The Most Valuable Barn Finds In This Field Are Sitting Outside

A second-generation Chevrolet Camaro and fourth-generation Pontiac Trans Am sit nearby to a ’66 Chevrolet Chevelle SS – a fine looking white car that appears to be in good condition with some spare parts inside the cabin. Up ahead there is a collection of cars in a corner that the owner will probably not sell.

Although they’re outside some look in better condition than others, if it were possible to relocate them inside a barn the proprietor would surely already have done so, to avoid further spoiling them.

In beautiful patina are more first-generation Ford Mustangs, and there is a great Plymouth Fury with the double-stack lights that are so iconic, and similar to the first-gen Pontiac GTO. At its side is arguably one of the highlights of the journey around this time-warp location: a ’66 Ford Thunderbird.

There is a golden Pontiac Firebird (second-gen) and later on another one, a later ‘Knight Rider’ Firebird although this one’s covered in patina compared to the shiny black protagonist from the 80s. A great collection worthy of saving for sure and another satisfying video installment from the team.


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