This 1967 Mustang Fastback Is A Real Barn Find Born With Massive Power Under The Hood


If you’re in the restoration business, you probably know already that finding a Mustang to restore isn’t by any means difficult.
Ford’s pony is one of the most popular choices on this side of the market, and a decent project shouldn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars.

On the other hand, not all Mustang projects are worth bringing back to the road. Most come with the lazy six-cylinder options, so if you’re interested in restoring it to factory specifications, the final model is unlikely to be worth too much.

However, the 1967 fastback that I recently came across on eBay is exactly the opposite.

Finished in Brittany Blue, this Mustang GT has almost everything to convince anyone out there to give it a full overhaul (I’ll detail the “almost” bit in a minute).

Per the photos, this is a genuine barn find. The vehicle was discovered in what appears to be some sort of shed parked alongside other cars. Needless to say, the barn dust doesn’t allow us to thoroughly examine the body’s condition, but the Mustang appears to be far from the rust bucket shape that makes most people walk away.

In fact, except for a few spots where urgent fixes might be required, this Mustang still appears to be rather solid – I would still check out the floors and the trunk thoroughly.


Now let’s get to the part that most people are interested in: the engine. This Mustang fastback was born with the top 390 (6.4-liter) V8 under the hood. It was the most powerful engine option in 1967, and thanks to a 4-barrel carburetor, it developed 320 horsepower. Ford also introduced a 2-barrel option in 1968 with 270 horsepower, but in 1967, it was the top engine any Mustang customer could order.

Unfortunately, the engine no longer seems to be there, or at least, that’s what I can tell from one of the pics. We’re not getting a close look at the engine bay, but I assume the 390 was removed to be used on another Mustang project.

eBay seller bree8218-zyhnzz claims they have another period correct engine sold separately.

The Marti report reveals that this fastback is likely one of the few still alive today in this configuration. Ford produced only 2,890 Mustangs in 1967 with the same paint code and only 1,527 with the same finish and trim codes.