This 1964 Chevrolet Impala Ss Proves The Detroit Metal Isn’T Immortal


The 1964 Impala had a pretty major contribution to the major sales record reached by Chevy’s new superstar in 1965, as it helped the car exceed 1 million sold units in a single year.
But at the same time, it was also one of the best-selling Impalas anyway, despite the rather subtle refinements that it received for this model year.

Unsurprisingly, the Impala continues to be a very sought-after classic car, not only among collectors but also when it comes to people who are willing to build a cool restomod using Chevy’s model as a starting point.

This 1964 SS seems to be just the perfect model for the job, as it comes without an engine or transmission. At first glance, many people would be tempted to walk away, but the lack of a powertrain means the car is actually cheaper, therefore giving the new owner the opportunity of deciding the fate of the Impala.

The car has clearly been sitting for a very long time, and we all know what this means. The Impala does prove that the Detroit metal isn’t immortal, and of course, this isn’t necessarily a surprise, given the vehicle looks like it’s been left to rot in someone’s yard.

The body indeed shows some rust damage, but on the other hand, the floors are the ones that have been having a very hard time, with the gigantic holes requiring some massive patches. However, the frame is said to be solid, and this is certainly good news.

The interior doesn’t seem to be complete, but at least the seats are there, and they appear to be coming in very good condition.

An Impala in such a challenging condition should be too expensive, and the 1964 SS listed on eBay by seller lew6t9 makes no exception.