Play Lego At The Highest Level With This Dismantled, All Numbers Matching Charger 440 R/T

Care for a real-life Lego? Then this all numbers-matching 1970 Dodge Charger 440 R/T might be the biggest challenge for your assembling skills, but get ready for some fixes here and there.Dodge introduced the second generation of the Charger in 1968 and built it until 1970. It made a few changes for the 1969 and … Read more

1970 Plymouth Cuda Rare Barn Find Can Be Rescued After 35 Years In A Basement

Barn finds don’t have to be all about abandoned cars that require tons of restoration work and thousands of dollars to be brought back to life. And this 1970 Plymouth Cuda is the living proof in this regard, as it’s still looking surprisingly good even after spending over 35 years in a basement. Currently up … Read more

This Mysterious Stash Of 1950S Classics Includes Rare Hudson Hornets And Wasps

Derelict 1950s classic cars are far from unusual because you can find millions of them in junkyards across the U.S. But while there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to Fords, GMs, and Mopars, you won’t find that many Hudsons out there. Established in 1909, Hudson remained on the market until 1954, when it … Read more

Hellcat-Swapped 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Is The Perfect Sleeper

Introduced in 1968 as a lower-priced alternative to the GTX, the Plymouth Road Runner was the perfect enthusiast car. Not only affordable and light, but it also came with a selection of powerful V8 engines.While the regular Belvedere came with an inline-six in base trim, the Road Runner featured the 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) big-block V8 as … Read more

This 1969 Chevelle Ss 396 Looks Like A Barn Find With Many Stories To Tell

For most Chevelle fans, 1969 is the year when Chevrolet finally decided to undo a change that it had fully embraced only three years before. The SS 396 was no longer a standalone model, as it became a part of the Chevelle lineup for the second time.This new strategy made perfect sense in many ways, … Read more

1968 Dodge Charger And 1973 Dodge Police Car Go Off-Road In Bullitt-Style Chase

When did you last see a great car chase on the silver screen? I’m not a fan of the Fast & Furious series, so I will go with 2017’s Baby Driver. But I’m also obsessed with classic muscle cars, so my all-time favorite chases are those from Bullitt (1968), Vanishing Point (1971), and Gone in … Read more

1968 Plymouth Road Runner Looks Like A Hemi-Powered Jar Of Mustard

It wasn’t all that long on the market, but the Plymouth Road Runner made such an impression that diehard fans still go nuts over it even today – and some of them were not even born back when the car first appeared. And when a rare example such as the one we have here surfaces, … Read more

1974 Plymouth Road Runner Gtx Is An Unexpected Junkyard Gem With A Rare Feature

Introduced in 1966 as an upscale, high-performance variant of the Belvedere, the Plymouth GTX remained in production as a stand-alone nameplate for only five years. But even though Plymouth axed “the gentleman’s muscle car” at the end of 1971, the badge soldiered on for three more years. Specifically, Chrysler opted to slap it on a … Read more

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Built By Father And Son Is A 10-Second Sleeper

Redesigned in 1964, the Plymouth Belvedere line expanded to include three brand-new versions. And they all had a couple of things in common. They were only available in two-door body styles and were restricted to V8 powerplants. The Satellite arrived first in 1965 as a top-of-the-line model with extra features. It was followed by the … Read more