Parked For Nearly 50 Years, Saved: 1961 Impala Is Fully Prepared For A Second Life

The 283 (4.7-liter) was one of the most popular engines on the 1961 Impala, obviously alongside the six-cylinder sibling that provided more economical driving.The base 283 was offered with a 2-barrel configuration and developed 170 horsepower, whereas the upgraded version was fitted with a 4-barrel carburetor and therefore produced 230 horsepower. The same engine is … Read more

The Bright Red Rolls-Royce Corniche 1971 Makes A Flashy Classic, Colorful Candies

Introduced in 1971 as a replacement for the Silver Shadow coupe, the Rolls-Royce Corniche remained in production for a whopping 24 years, until 1995. And just like its predecessor, it was purchased and driven by many celebrities. The list of famous people that had a Corniche in their garages is quite long and includes names … Read more

Beautifully Restored 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Flexes 440 Muscle And Rare Stripe Delete

What’s your favorite Dodge Charger from the golden muscle car era? Are you into the luxurious first-generation fastback, or are you more of a second-gen Coke bottle-style design? Or perhaps you fancy the fuselage-type version that Dodge introduced in 1971? I’m asking because I can’t pick just one. While I love the 1966 version with … Read more

1967 Ford Mustang Parked 50 Years Ago Is A One-Of-One Gem Awaiting Restoration

How many years of storage does it take to turn a beautiful classic into a rust bucket? Well, it depends on a few factors, but keeping a vehicle in a barn for 50 years is definitely a bad idea. On the flip side, dry storage is a far better option in the long run. And … Read more

This 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Is Rarer Than A Hurst/Olds, Gets First Wash In Years

It’s been almost 20 years (as of 2023) since GM discontinued Oldsmobile, but the brand’s legacy still lives on thanks to a long list of achievements and fantastic cars. Founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897, Oldsmobile offered the first speedometer in 1901 and was the first carmaker to use chrome plating in 1926. It … Read more

1970 Pontiac Gto Parked For 30 Years Looks Full Of Surprises

After its debut in 1969, “The Judge” continued to be an intriguing model a year later, despite its sales actually going down.Pontiac sold over 6,800 units in the first year on the market, but in 1970, it ended up shipping fewer than 3,800 GTOs carrying the Judge trim level. The GTO lineup continued to sell … Read more

Rare 1971 Pontiac Trans Am Saved After 40 Years In Storage Flaunts 455 Ho Muscle

Most classic cars end up in long-term storage due to mechanical issues that their owners never got around to fixing. And they emerge back into the light decades later with severe rust issues. However, some end up sitting in barns or garages as partly restored projects. This 1971 Pontiac Trans Am is one of those … Read more

1959 Chevrolet Impala Runs And Drives With Something New Under The Hood

While the 1958 model year is the most desirable Impala for an obvious reason – it was the first-ever Impala ever produced, its successor is also a classic with a well-deserved place in the garages of wealthy collectors across the world.The 1959 Impala was the first model sold as a separate series. Chevrolet kicked off … Read more

1973 Pontiac Catalina Craves A Restoration – But What Would Best Suit This Land Yacht?

Every automaker has that one make and model that drives showroom traffic, draws customers, and fills the bean counters’ books with black ink. The best-selling car of all time is the Toyota Corolla, and GM had the Chevy Impala, Ford the F-series truck, VW the Beetle, and Chrysler the Town & Country. The Catalina was … Read more

Panther Pink 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda Is An Amazing Piece Of Metal, But Still A Pink Car

If you ask me, pink is a bad color to choose for any car. By extension, that means whenever I see it sprayed on the body of a muscle car, all sorts of nasty things come to mind and mouth.I bet you were expecting me to say the pink car we have here can be … Read more