Rare 1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire Spent 50 Years In A Barn, It’S An Amazing Time Capsule

Introduced in 1962, the Jetfire isn’t the most iconic Oldsmobile out there, but it was the company’s most innovative automobile at the time. That’s because it featured a turbocharged V8 engine, which made it the world’s first production car using this type of forced induction. But while ahead of its time, the Jetfire’s turbo V8 … Read more

The Last Ride Pontiac: The Original Resurrected ’69 Judge That Advertised The 2004 Gto

This Pontiac is one of the rarest Judges from early 1969 and comes with a Hollywoodian life story. Found in decrepit condition, rescued and brought back to life and superstardom. This particular GTO was bought by its current owner in 1998 – the video shows photos of the car from back then. It was not … Read more

All-Original 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury Found In A Chicken Coop After 20 Years

The 1967 Plymouth Fury is part of the fourth-generation series, but as compared to its predecessor, the new model introduced several subtle changes to obtain a more muscular look overall. The focus for MY 1967 was on the new safety regulations that required carmakers to install more safety equipment on their cars as standard, so … Read more

Family-Owned 1966 Impala Ss Convertible Flexes Original Engine, Parked For Decades

After seeing Impala’s sales going through the roof in 1965, someone at Chevrolet had the less brilliant idea to turn the Caprice into a stand-alone series for the model year 1966.At some level, the GM brand tried to turn the Caprice into a major hit using the same recipe that worked for Impala. Two years … Read more

Turbocharged 1981 Pontiac Trans Am Sleeping In The Bushes Is All-Original And Unmolested

While turbochargers are now a fairly common way to squeeze more power from a small engine, this approach was still in its early days in the late ‘70s.Due to the crisis that wreaked havoc in the automotive industry and forced carmakers to go for more economical engines, the appetite for performance more or less slowed … Read more

This 1970 Impala Is The Full Package: All-Original, Low Miles, Showroom Condition

Depending on who you ask, the final years of the fourth-generation Impala more or less turned Chevy’s superstar into a dull model. The dropping sales could be seen as living proof on this front, especially as the Impala declined from over 1 million units in 1965 to nearly half of this figure by the end … Read more

Tiger Gold 1967 Pontiac GTO Buried In Trash Hides Bad News Under The Hood

Launched in 1963, the Pontiac GTO is often credited as the first true American muscle car. While that might not be entirely accurate, no one can deny that the GTO is one of the coolest muscle cars ever produced.Born at a time when GM banned factory-sponsored racing, the GTO kickstarted the Detroit street performance wars, … Read more

1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Tries To Escape From A Junkyard, Top V8 Muscle Inside

Just like its predecessor, the 1960 Impala was available with either a six-cylinder engine or a V8 unit, but the powerplant that most people were drooling over was the top-of-the-line 348 (5.7-liter).Offered for this model year in five different versions, the 348 could be fitted with either a single four-barrel or three two-barrel carburetors, with … Read more

This ’57 Roadmaster Convertible Is A Buick Timestamp From The Dinosaur Age Of Cars

In General Motors’ divisional segregation, Buick came second to top-tier Cadillac, pairing the sportiness of lower-end Pontiac and Chevrolet with Caddy’s luxury and comfort. As the booming sixth decade of the 20th century was slowly drawing to a close, Buick suddenly saw its sales figures drop furiously. In 1957, a corporation-wide shift in carmaking philosophy … Read more