Parked For Nearly 50 Years, Saved: 1961 Impala Is Fully Prepared For A Second Life

The 283 (4.7-liter) was one of the most popular engines on the 1961 Impala, obviously alongside the six-cylinder sibling that provided more economical driving.The base 283 was offered with a 2-barrel configuration and developed 170 horsepower, whereas the upgraded version was fitted with a 4-barrel carburetor and therefore produced 230 horsepower. The same engine is … Read more

Rare 1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire Spent 50 Years In A Barn, It’S An Amazing Time Capsule

Introduced in 1962, the Jetfire isn’t the most iconic Oldsmobile out there, but it was the company’s most innovative automobile at the time. That’s because it featured a turbocharged V8 engine, which made it the world’s first production car using this type of forced induction. But while ahead of its time, the Jetfire’s turbo V8 … Read more

Ultra Rare 1971 Olds 442 W30 Convertible Rocks Bruce Springsteen 8-Track

Few collections of three numbers elicit the emotion and the passion of the 442, Oldsmobile’s greatest contribution to the first muscle car renaissance. But only a small fraction of production for the lauded 1971 model year sported a convertible top. Safe to say, any surviving example that does is worth its weight in nostalgia points.But … Read more

The Last Ride Pontiac: The Original Resurrected ’69 Judge That Advertised The 2004 Gto

This Pontiac is one of the rarest Judges from early 1969 and comes with a Hollywoodian life story. Found in decrepit condition, rescued and brought back to life and superstardom. This particular GTO was bought by its current owner in 1998 – the video shows photos of the car from back then. It was not … Read more

Rare 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Speaks French, Now Can Be Had In America

The Plymouth Barracuda, or more specifically the Cuda incarnation, was one of the heavy hitters of the muscle car wars back in the 1960s and early 1970s. As with its opponents, people associate the Cuda with America because here is where the muscle car war was fought. But muscle cars were made for export as … Read more

1957 Pontiac Hidden In A Barn For 50 Years Is An Original Survivor With A Rare Option

Initially used to describe rare and valuable classic cars found in derelict condition, the term “barn find” is now more loosely applied to all sorts of vehicles that sat for as little as ten years. It’s not necessarily wrong, but it dilutes the whole thing. Because let’s face it, a 1955 Chevrolet Tri-Five is no … Read more

1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Parked For 39 Years Is An Unmolested Survivor That Still Runs

Introduced in 1969, the Dodge Challenger was a big success, moving almost 77,000 units in its first year on the market. And like most muscle cars from the golden era, its production run also included a few high-performance versions that ended up being rare gems.The HEMI is by far the rarest iteration of the 1970 … Read more

Family-Owned 1966 Impala Ss Convertible Flexes Original Engine, Parked For Decades

After seeing Impala’s sales going through the roof in 1965, someone at Chevrolet had the less brilliant idea to turn the Caprice into a stand-alone series for the model year 1966.At some level, the GM brand tried to turn the Caprice into a major hit using the same recipe that worked for Impala. Two years … Read more

Missouri Barn Hides Big Mopar Stash, Rare Dodge Super Bee and Charger Gems Included

Some say the golden era of barn finds is already behind us. That may be true regarding pre-WII Bugattis and expensive 1950s Ferraris, but many American classics from the muscle car era have yet to emerge from hiding. This big barn in Missouri proves that some enthusiasts still sit on hoards of cool US rigs. … Read more

1953 Pontiac Chieftain Was Left To Rot For 51 Years, Straight-8 Still Lives

When it comes to 1950s American classics, everyone seems to lose their minds over the Chevrolet Bel Air. I agree it’s a beautiful car and I’m also a big fan of the Nomad wagon, but I think the Pontiac Chieftain is a nicer proposition design-wise. And not just the second-gen model produced alongside the Tri-Five … Read more