1961 Chevy Impala Last On The Road In The Late ’70S Hides Big Surprise Under The Hood

I don’t know about you, but the 1961 Impala is this fantastic nameplate’s absolute best model year. 1961 witnessed the introduction of the mesmerizing Impala SS, the performance treatment that eventually turned Chevrolet’s new sensation into, well, an even bigger sensation. The SS was officially known as Impala Super Sport Equipment Package, or RPO-240 in … Read more

Dusty 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Comes Out Of The Barn With Holy-Grail Tri-Power V8

Built from 1963 to 1967, the Chevrolet Corvette C2 is a highly desirable classic for many reasons. For starters, it’s the shortest-lived iteration of the American sports car. Second, it’s the sexiest Corvette of the 1960s. Third, it was sold with some of Chevrolet’s most iconic V8 engines. I could go on with things like … Read more

This Unique 1953 Porsche 356 Borghi Abarth Has A Fascinating Story To Tell

The Porsche 356 Borghi Abarth is a car like no other in the most literal sense of the word. Based upon an original Porsche 356 built in 1953 as a 1954 model year, this one-off example is a custom coachbuilt version with a fascinating history that would captivate any classic car enthusiast.The lightweight and nimble … Read more

Beautifully Restored 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Flexes 440 Muscle And Rare Stripe Delete

What’s your favorite Dodge Charger from the golden muscle car era? Are you into the luxurious first-generation fastback, or are you more of a second-gen Coke bottle-style design? Or perhaps you fancy the fuselage-type version that Dodge introduced in 1971? I’m asking because I can’t pick just one. While I love the 1966 version with … Read more

Here’S The Road To Your Next Barn-Find, And The Start Your Next Restoration Project

While some car relics can be revived, others might not be worthy, but they could be donors and save other vehicles, true treasures – and we would love to see more success stories about saved vehicles. Over the years, the term “barn-find” evolved from vehicles found in sheds and, well, barns, to pretty much any … Read more

1970 Dodge Charger Parked For 15 Years Has A Rare Surprise Under The Hood

Introduced in 1966 as a somewhat luxurious fastback, the Dodge Charger morphed into a full-blown muscle car in 1968. The second second-generation model remained in production for three years, and it’s now the most desirable iteration of the Charger.While largely similar, all three model years came with unique design features. The 1968 Charger featured a … Read more

Rare 1971 Pontiac Trans Am Saved After 40 Years In Storage Flaunts 455 Ho Muscle

Most classic cars end up in long-term storage due to mechanical issues that their owners never got around to fixing. And they emerge back into the light decades later with severe rust issues. However, some end up sitting in barns or garages as partly restored projects. This 1971 Pontiac Trans Am is one of those … Read more

1957 Chevrolet Corvette With Mysterious V8 Claims “Fuelie” Heritage, Needs A Lifeline

Introduced in 1953 as GM’s venture into the emerging sports car market, the Chevrolet Corvette almost got canned after only a couple of years due to an anemic inline-six mated to a two-speed automatic and build quality issues. Thankfully, Zora-Arkus Duntov’s push for an optional V8 and a three-speed manual, both launched in 1955, gave … Read more

One-Owner 1966 Plymouth Belvedere Found In An Ohio Barn, Runs, Drives, Survives

1965 witnessed the introduction of a new strategy for Plymouth, as the company marketed the Fury as a full-size lineup, whereas the Belvedere, despite retaining the same dimensions, was positioned as an intermediate model.The engine lineup included a little something for everybody, starting with a 225 (3.7-liter) six-cylinder available until 1967. The same model years … Read more

1970 Plymouth Cuda Rare Barn Find Can Be Rescued After 35 Years In A Basement

Barn finds don’t have to be all about abandoned cars that require tons of restoration work and thousands of dollars to be brought back to life. And this 1970 Plymouth Cuda is the living proof in this regard, as it’s still looking surprisingly good even after spending over 35 years in a basement. Currently up … Read more