1969 Chevrolet Impala Ss 427 Looks Sad Waiting For Help On The Side Of The Road

Historically speaking, 1969 was a pretty important year for Chevrolet Impala. This is because 1969 was the last year when the Impala SS was produced, with the model eventually resurrected back in 1994. The last Chevrolet Impala SS was therefore offered with just one engine, a 427 (7.0-liter) V8 available with three power configurations, namely … Read more

1962 Chevrolet Impala Ss Found In Tennessee Needs A Hero, An Engine, And Everything Else

Aesthetically speaking, the 1962 Impala wasn’t exactly the huge makeover that diehard Chevy fans expected it to be. The new model year introduced rather subtle tweaks, and the main highlight was probably the debut of the convertible-style roof that contributed to a somehow sportier attitude. Bigger changes, however, happened in the engine department. The GM … Read more

1971 Plymouth Barracuda ‘Hell Rzr’ Oozes Of Hellephant Confidence Ahead Of Build

Today, the pony and muscle car worlds are squeezed tight into a little spot composed of just a few nameplates – Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, and Dodge’s Charger plus Challenger. ‘Yesterday,’ during the golden age of muscle cars, there were many more options. Luckily, we can sometimes revive some of them. From the 2024 model … Read more

This 1993 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 Is A Rally Gem From A Now Failed Brand

Nowadays, Lancia is just a shadow of its former self. It has had a slow and agonizing demise into boring, kind of peculiarly designed and crummy cars. But, there was a time when the Italian manufacturer was building innovative, fast, and flamboyant machines. One of the best cars to come out of this Italian extravaganza … Read more

Hellcat-Swapped 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Is the Perfect Sleeper

Introduced in 1968 as a lower-priced alternative to the GTX, the Plymouth Road Runner was the perfect enthusiast car. Not only affordable and light, but it also came with a selection of powerful V8 engines. While the regular Belvedere came with an inline-six in base trim, the Road Runner featured the 383-cubic-inch (6.3-liter) big-block V8 … Read more

1974 Plymouth Road Runner Gtx Is An Unexpected Junkyard Gem With A Rare Feature

Introduced in 1966 as an upscale, high-performance variant of the Belvedere, the Plymouth GTX remained in production as a stand-alone nameplate for only five years. But even though Plymouth axed “the gentleman’s muscle car” at the end of 1971, the badge soldiered on for three more years. Specifically, Chrysler opted to slap it on a … Read more

Abandoned Property Is Packed With Classic Cars Stuck Under Collapsed Barns

Seeing a classic car emerge out of long-term storage is one of the greatest automotive-related things out there. But sadly enough, not all barn finds get to see daylight in one piece. Some are too rusty to be saved, while others have been left behind by their owners. The collection you see here proves that … Read more

1968 Pontiac Gto Sitting On Blocks For Years Proves Rust Can’T Replace Meridian Turquoise

1968 was a pretty good year for the GTO, as the production of the muscle car increased significantly from 81,722 units to nearly 87,800. The appetite for convertible GTOs was also on the rise, so Pontiac ended up producing close to 10,000 cars with a removable top. One of them is right here fighting for … Read more

All-Original 1969 Pontiac Gto Ram Air Iii Is A Matching-Numbers Surprise, 455 Also At Hand

The 1969 Pontiac GTO production surpassed the 72,000-unit milestone, with the hardtop obviously accounting for the lion’s share with over 58,000 cars. The convertible, on the other hand, was far behind with just 7,300 units, while the famous Judge made its way to fewer than 7,000 GTOs, 108 of them with a removable top. When … Read more

Butchered 1964 Pontiac Gto Deserves A Better Fate, Not Really A Walk In The Park

Pontiac produced close to 32,500 GTOs back in 1964, and the hardtop obviously accounted for the lion’s share with nearly 18,500 units. The base model was fitted with a 389 (6.3-liter) V8 developing 325 horsepower, and unsurprisingly, no more, no less than 24,200 of the GTOs that ended up seeing the daylight used this particular … Read more