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Oregon Junkyard Packed With Muscle Cars And Rare Classics Is Mopar Heaven


Junkyards are usually packed with cars from all Detroit automakers, but some owners opt to keep their salvage yards restricted to a certain group of automakers. Wildcat Mopars of Sandy, Oregon, is one of those places. And as you might have already guessed, it’s home to classic cars built by what was once called the Chrysler Corporation.

While it’s not the largest junkyard in the U.S. (it includes a few hundred cars), it’s one of the cleanest I’ve seen, which makes it easy to navigate if you’re looking for parts or even a restoration project. And thanks to YouTube’s “Shade Tree Vintage Auto,” we can take a virtual tour and check out all those old Mopars and thousands of spare parts.

This collection covers about 60 years of Chrysler Corporation glory. That’s every single decade from the 1930s to the 1980s. And it’s not just about Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth vehicles, you’ll also spot a few DeSotos and Imperials.

Of course, the majority of them are rather mundane cars that aren’t worth restoring due to their low values on the classic car market. But there are a few diamonds in the rough. It takes a lot of patience and attention to find them, but they’re there.

Of course, any Mopar enthusiasts will immediately ask about muscle cars from the golden era. And the answer would be, yes! This junkyard includes a few of them. I spotted Dodge Challengers and Plymouth Barracudas. And even though they’re in rough shape, they could definitely work as donor cars.

But if you’re a Barracuda fan, you’d better be on the lookout for the second-generation model. There aren’t as many third-gen cars from the early 1970s, but the junkyard includes a big row of 1967-to-1969 fastbacks and hardtops. And quite a few Plymouth Dusters from the same era as well.


What I like most about this scrapyard, though, is that it includes a rather impressive collection of Chrysler 300 “letter series” cars. Granted, not so many are of the more desirable 300B and 300C variety, but you’ll see quite a few with 300F, 300G, and 300H badges. Enough to buy a few of them and put together a fully functional example. And you definitely won’t miss the massive amount of Plymouth Belvederes retired here.

And speaking of the 300 (but not the letter series), this junkyard seems to include a rare gem related to this full-size car. I’m talking about the 1969 Newport that shows up at the 39-minute mark.

While the fifth-generation Newport is far from special apart from its availability with high-power V8 engines, this example here is one of the rarest Chryslers built for the 1969 model year. That’s because it’s one of only a few two-door hardtops ordered with the Sportsgrain option, which adds woodgrain along the sides.

Sure, both the wood inserts and the black vinyl top are gone, but they can be restored. On top of that, it sports an even rarer color combination that brings together a silver exterior and a turquoise interior. It might just be a 1-of-1 car. Go check out this impressive collection of derelict Mopars by hitting the play button below.


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