Factory 1963 Chevrolet Impala Ss Looks Tempting In This Junkyard


Finds in junkyards are usually pretty interesting, but this 1963 Impala SS might just be the most amazing car ever found in what appears to be the spot where abandoned cars go to sleep for all time.

Although many people find a classic Impala with SS tags to be appealing, this 1963 model isn’t exactly the stuff that wealthy collectors would want.

The picture gallery does a great job of highlighting the primary drawbacks of an average junkyard find. The car’s remaining metal is, to put it mildly, tough and covered in a lot of rust.

It’s not hard to figure out what’s currently hiding under the hood. In fact, the hood doesn’t even seem to be around anymore, so the engine bay is now filled with fresh air. The original powerplant is most likely putting the wheels in motion on another Impala, as this SS has probably served as a donor.

The vehicle was initially equipped with an automatic transmission, but at some time in its history, it underwent a manual shift. The components to finish the makeover are still present, but everything hinges on your initial intentions for the vehicle.

Chevy’s history books hold a particular place for the 1963 Impala SS. The Impala was chosen as the model to commemorate the 50 millionth vehicle produced by the GM brand because of its rapidly increasing popularity. So when a brand-new, glossy, and utterly captivating Impala SS drove off the manufacturing lines of the Tarrytown facility, it was none other than Nelson Rockefeller, the governor of New York.


Sixty years later, Chevrolet Impala SS continues to be a superstar, and many collectors are willing to pay big bucks to own an all-original and unrestored example. Of course, it’s not the case with this Impala, as the car comes in a rough condition, making a full restoration quite challenging.

In fact, given how much labor it would seem to take otherwise, the SS might be able to aid revive a second sibling who is coming in better shape. For example, the engine is gone, the floors are completely destroyed, and switching to a manual transmission might not be to everyone’s taste. If you’d rather to look at the bright side, the interior is still in fair condition and nearly everything seems to be present.

The car comes with one major shortcoming. The car is located in Missouri.