1971 Dodge Charger Found In A Forest, And Boy, It Looks Intriguing


1971 was a big year for Charger, as Dodge rolled out a series of styling improvements whose role was to set the car apart from the rest of the lineup (especially from the Coronet).

The restyled Charger included new bumpers, a redesigned grille, and six square taillights that improved its sporty stance when viewed from the back.

1971 also witnessed the debut of the Super Bee, a new Charger version that landed with one very clear goal in mind. The Super Bee promised an upgraded Charger experience at a lower price level.

Getting a high-performance package without paying a small fortune was pretty compelling, especially because Dodge introduced heavy-duty brakes and shock absorbers, new suspensions, and a 383 V8 paired with a 3-speed manual transmission.

The Charger you see in these pictures was born with a 318 V8 under the hood, though I wouldn’t blame you for walking away after checking out the photos. I know what you think. This is a rust bucket that’s not worth my attention.

At some level, you’re right, as the car looks like it’s been sitting for many years in what is likely a forest. High humidity levels can mean just one thing: the car is full of rust, so I expect the undersides to be completely wrecked.


The owner, however, explains on Craigslist that this isn’t the case. In fact, the floors indeed show some signs of rust, but otherwise, the car is as solid as it gets. It’s just dirty, they claim, as this Charger has clearly been going through quite a lot during its long tenure under the clear sky.

Obviously, if you’re interested in buying the car, you should go check it out in person, as this is the only way to correctly determine the metal’s condition.On the other hand, I do agree that it requires a full wash ASAP. The interior is also dusty and moldy, so thorough cleaning could help figure out if the Charger is worth a restoration.

The owner claims it is, but essential information is still missing. For example, while we do know the Charger is fitted with a 318, its condition is unknown. It doesn’t look that bad in the only photo shared by the seller, but unless you check it out closely, it’s impossible to tell if it’s running or not.