1968 Pontiac Gto Sitting On Blocks For Years Proves Rust Can’T Replace Meridian Turquoise


1968 was a pretty good year for the GTO, as the production of the muscle car increased significantly from 81,722 units to nearly 87,800.
The appetite for convertible GTOs was also on the rise, so Pontiac ended up producing close to 10,000 cars with a removable top.

One of them is right here fighting for a second chance, though it’s pretty clear from the photos that this GTO will have a hard time convincing someone out there to start a full restoration.

On the other hand, it does come with many tidbits that could eventually become major selling points for people in the restoration business.

First and foremost, this GTO convertible was born in a beautiful combination of Meridian Turquoise (on the outside), white (the removable top), and white once again (this time in the cabin).

But as you can tell from the pics shared by eBay seller nickypotata, this GTO has eventually abandoned this really cool combination and replaced it with plenty of rust, all for a very simple reason. The car spent years on blocks, obviously under the clear sky, so it was just a matter of time until the rust showed up.


The good news is the blocks were rather tall, so the undersides have never been in full contact with the ground. This more or less reduced the amount of rust invading the GTO metal, but this doesn’t make it an easier project by any means anyway.

The convertible top mechanism is still there, obviously not in its best shape, the back seat is also available, and signs of the original Meridian Turquoise can still be spotted here and there.

Born with a 400 V8 in charge of getting it moving, this GTO hides nothing but fresh air under the hood, so it can very well qualify for a restomod if another engine is around.