1968 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Owned By The Same Family Has Just 27,000 Miles


A 428 Cobra Jet engined 1968 Mustang that just came off the manufacturing line is now in search of a new home to provide it with the meticulous maintenance it deserves.

The automobile was a 2-door hardtop when it came off the Dearborn assembly lines, and it has been in the same relatives’ possession ever since.

First-generation Mustangs are usually highly sought-after classics, but this 1968 model has a number of attractive features that collectors may find appealing as well.

First and foremost, the Marti report confirms Ford installed a 428-4V Cobra Jet engine on the Mustang, but what makes it much rarer is the engine and transmission code combination. Only 119 Mustangs used the same configuration, and this is your chance to own one of them.

The owner ordered the Mustang in Lime Gold with black vinyl standard bucket seats. The paint code isn’t that rare, though, as over 34,500 Mustangs left the factory with the same finish.

The Mustang with the GT package still has most of its original components, including as the engine, transmission, and interior. However, they clarify that the original air cleaner parts are absent.

The vendor clarifies that since the Mustang was new, the family has always taken good care of it and has kept it in a garage. Given its age, the paint isn’t flawless, which seems reasonable, but this Mustang doesn’t have any rust issues. With just modest, sporadic repairs needed, the car has a score of nine out of ten and is in excellent condition. The same is true for the cabin, where little repairs are needed and everything appears to be in working order.


The next surprise comes from the odometer. The car has an incredibly low mileage, showing just 27,000 miles on the clock. They are all original, and the reading makes sense, given this Mustang spent most of its time with the same family and parked in a garage. The seller didn’t share many specifics on the matching-numbers powertrain, but I expect everything to work correctly, considering the overall shape.

Unsurprisingly, this rare Mustang in impressive condition and with low mileage. A wealthy collector would afford (and have the resources to properly care of) such an impressive gem.