1966 Pontiac Bonneville Hides A Massive Gto Surprise Under The Hood, It’s Ok Not To Dig It


The GTO was already gaining traction in 1966, but Pontiac tried to make to improve its offering on all fronts. After a massive refresh in 1965, the Bonneville, Pontiac’s top full-size car, remained mostly unchanged for the next year.
Pontiac’s growing appetite for more powerful engines also provided the Bonneville with more options. The fourth-generation model started in 1965 with a 389 rated at 333 horsepower with a manual transmission, but Pontiac eventually added a 400ci unit to the lineup two years later.

The Bonneville could also be ordered with a 428ci unit, and customers could go as high as 390 horsepower if they were specifically interested in the performance under the hood.

This 1966 Bonneville is something else when it comes to the mill hiding the engine bay. The car no longer has the original engine, so in charge of propelling the wheels is now a 455ci engine from a 1971 Pontiac GTO. The power is fantastic, and eBay seller classicpassions says the mill upgrade turned the Bonneville into a head-turning presence wherever it goes.

The engine upgrade can be either good news or bad news, depending on which side you’re on. While many people would obviously love a GTO mill generating more power, others would rather stick with an all-original Bonneville. They are only original once, and collectors would pay big bucks for an unrestored, unaltered, and 100% original Bonneville.


The photos speak for themselves and confirm that this Pontiac doesn’t come in tip-top shape. The paint shows its age, but if you’re a big fan of unique patinas, you may want to keep it in its current condition without a respray.

The car starts, runs, drives, and stops correctly, and the owner says that whoever buys this Bonneville will only have to commit to minor fixes, including an alignment for the steering system. Otherwise, the car would obviously love a complete restoration, but it’s very clear that whoever ends up taking it home can hop in and drive without investing a single cent in anything else besides the car.

Since we’re already talking about money, the selling price makes sense for such a great Bonneville who looks ready to become a daily driver. The car can be yours if you agree to pay $13,900, but the owner also enabled the Make Offer button, so you can negotiate the price if you have another deal in mind. The Bonneville is parked in Boise, Idaho, if you want to see it in person before making an offer.

Remember that the listing is not an auction. The good news is that the car will be available for only 27 more days unless someone buys it. eBay claims 16 people are currently watching the list.