1958 Biscayne And 1964 Impala Fighting Together For A Better Future


In the late 1950s, the full-size lineup—which included the Bel Air and Impala—managed to bring Chevrolet back to prominence by driving record sales. Ford eventually lost the top rank to the GM brand, and the Impala was the model that won big for more than ten years.

This outstanding performance is being provided by two models that someone is selling on Craigslist.

The first is a 1958 Biscayne that still has a good form despite having probably been resting for a while. The other is a 1964 Impala that needs a full restoration but is still in operational condition. The Biscayne is a hard-to-find classic that retains its stock configuration. An original Biscayne is rare today, and the owner says they got the car running with fresh fuel on top of the carburetor. It’s still intact and exhibits only minor rust, but I’d still put it on a trailer to inspect the undersides.

The engine in charge of putting the wheels in motion is a six-cylinder unit paired with a two-speed Powerglide transmission. It runs but requires additional fixes to be considered road-worthy.

The 1964 Chevrolet Impala is a four-door sedan fitted from the factory with air conditioning and power brakes. It has also been sitting for some time but retains its working shape. The car also comes with a six-cylinder engine, but the unit is paired with an automatic transmission. The owner says they already made several repairs, but the floors and the trunk pan remain solid.


The Impala’s body appears as one could anticipate from a 1964 vehicle, so painting it again will be necessary if you wish to start a thorough repair. Everything looks to point to a good project, albeit the car hasn’t been driven in a while, so it will require some finishing touches before being driven regularly again. Although I wouldn’t take the car on a lengthy trip, the owner claims they drove it around the neighborhood and it operated as intended.

Now, let’s talk money.

These two vintage Chevrolet models compete for a thorough restoration and meet all the requirements to be a strong contender. The 1958 Biscayne is an extremely unusual vehicle, but many people might be put off by its six-cylinder engine because a 1958 Chevrolet’s V8 engine was more alluring.

Another legend is the 1964 Impala. The 1965 Impala was the first automobile in the US to sell more than one million units in a single year when it made its introduction, one year ahead of the model year that broke all previous records.